Friday, September 27, 2013

Chinatown in San Francisco

This morning I had to go get stamps from the post office. There are two post offices pretty close to my apartment.  I usually choose to go to the one in Chinatown because people are nicer, lines are shorter, and the walk is a lot more fun! As I was walking out the door with the dog this morning, I decided to grab my camera and go for a walk after getting stamps.

These are some photos I took during my walk. I love that, in Chinatown, you can always discover new alleyways, new historical landmarks, and new colorful murals, regardless of how many times you've been there!

Enjoy these photos. For more fun photos, go to my Etsy store or visit my website.

Interesting doors in Chinatown

Corner store receiving a fresh load of produce

Interesting patterns of door, windows and bricks

A dragon breaks through a wall in Trenton Alley

Clean laundry airs out with the TransAmerica building in the background

Murals in Trenton Alley

A man walks by a mural in Trenton Alley

Mural on Clay St. Good question, right?

Colorful windows greet me as I come out of an alley in Chinatown

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