Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Foggy Afternoon in La Punta, Callao

When we go to Peru to visit my family, we almost always end up in La Punta, a nice district that sits on a very narrow peninsula off the coast of Lima. We usually go there to enjoy that amazingly fresh sea food and to go for a walk on the malecon there. My parents both lived there when they were young and I have been going there for as long as I can remember.

The day we were there, the fog had come down, adding a magical feel to it. The sailboats came out of the fog like ghosts. It was perfect!

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Friday, April 11, 2014

Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve

A couple of weekends ago, we all went out again in the search for wildflowers. Apparently, I picked the worst year to start this search as the drought has really taken a toll on the flowers. Nonetheless, our search took us to yet another beautiful place in the Bay Area, Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve.

This old coal mine is open for visitors and it's pretty cool, but what really captured my eye was the entrance to the preserve. Next to the road leading to the preserve were beautiful fields of yellow flowers (mustard?) and really cool old barns and farmhouses. Then, at the entrance, where the rangers live, there was a really fun old truck that made for a great shot.

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I'm flying to Lima, Peru this Monday to introduce my little one to my family. While there, I'm hoping to take some good shots of La Ciudad de los Reyes (City of Kings). Stay tuned!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Bear Valley Road

A couple of weekend ago, my husband, our son, our dog and I went for a drive up to Bear Valley Road in Colusa County, California. The purpose of the drive was to hopefully catch the fields of flowers that are supposed to make the valley one of the best place in the world for wildflowers.  We left early, hoping our 3-month old would be a good trooper during the 3 hour drive up there.

Unfortunately, we were a bit too early for the flowers so we didn't get to see the rolling hills painted in colors. However, the drive there and the drive through the valley were amazingly beautiful. It was hard to capture the beauty of the landscape, which was only made better by the dramatic skies that followed the rain from the previous day, but I did my best.

We are definitely going back there soon. Hopefully we'll catch the flowers next time. We will be in Peru during the second half of April, which I think is supposed to be the best time for them. We'll see!

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Cherry Blossoms

Spring has sprung in San Francisco. Everything is blooming beautifully! Some of the first trees to flower were the cherry blossom trees. A friend who was visiting suggested that I take a trip to the Golden Gate Park's Japanese Tea Garden because the cherry blossoms were in full bloom there. As any good and devoted photographer would do, I packed my camera equipment, my husband strapped the baby on him, and off we went to the Garden. We were there a week before the Cherry Blossom Festival, so every single tree was covered on white flowers. It was amazing!

However, sometimes you find the most beautiful things outside of where you expected to find them. As we exited the gardens through one of the back doors, we saw a lone cherry blossom tree, surrounded by green grass (thanks to the latest rains!) and nothing else. It was beautiful!

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