Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sea Shells

A couple of days ago, I came up with the idea of photographing some of the sea shells I've been collecting over the years. Today, I finally got started on that project. I started with simple still life photography of these beautiful shells, and I'm planning on trying a few tricks on them before putting them back into the glass jar where they have all come together as a lovely collection.

I have a shell collection because I love the beach. Because I love the beach, every time I travel, I make sure to set at least 4 or 5 days aside to visit a beach. As a result of my dedication to the beach life, I have been blessed with having visited some of the most amazing (and sometimes most remote!) beaches in the world.

Every time I'm in a new beach, I comb the shores in search of sea shells. Sometimes I find new shells, sometimes I just find the usual shells. Regardless of what I find, I always take one or two with me. When I get home, I add the new ones to the jar.

These shells, I believe, come mostly from Jambiani beach in Zanzibar, an island off of the coast of Tanzania. I love the spots on them. They are so unique!

I hope you like these photos! For more fun photos, visit my Etsy store or go to my website.


  1. Very beautiful! And so funny, I recently had a similar idea, I just haven't realized it yet. You just inspired me.

  2. Hi Carola! Thank you for looking at the photos! Yes, the idea came to me and it took me a few days to get enough motivation to make it happen. Now I'm learning different techniques and seeing what else I come up with!!! Can't wait to see yours!!