Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hidden Beach on Highway 1 (between Santa Cruz and Pigeon Point Lighthouse)

Last Saturday, we headed to Santa Cruz for some beach fun. On the way back, as usual, we took Highway 1 to come home. We have gotten to know this stretch of road quite well and we decided to stop at our favorite spots. First, we stopped at a hidden coastal access (can't figure out the name of it!) where we were kind of attacked by a pelican the first time we ventured down to it. Down at the beach, we played fetch with Bomber, Joe climbed up some rocks off the coast, and I enjoyed the soothing sound of the ocean.

Walking down to the beach, the ocean was glowing with sunlight. Stunning!

Next stop: Pigeon Point lighthouse. The sun on it's way to setting but now down on the horizon yet, making the scenery glow in silver. I love how, every time we drive by the lighthouse, we catch a different time of the day and, therefore, a different light.

We ended our day at Half Moon Bay's coastal trail. This time, instead of walking on the trail, we descended to the beach just in time for the sunset. Once the sun was down, we drove back to San Francisco, feeling totally relaxed and peaceful... Oh, the powers of the ocean.


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