Tuesday, July 2, 2013

San Francisco Pride Parade

This past week, San Francisco celebrated Pride and it was a fabulous celebration, especially following the Supreme Court's ruling from earlier that week.

On Sunday, we headed down to Market Street to watch the parade. There were lots of people there, all of them celebrating pride and equality. It was a truly loving and inspiring environment! We stuck around for a couple of hours, watching the floats go by, and watching some political figures as well as celebrities go by on fancy old convertible cars. Regardless of whether you were a politician, a celebrity, a union member, a bystander, or a member of a parade group, the unifying theme was the abundance of color, which only added to the happy environment! The city was celebrating!

Here are a few shots from the parade. Love rules, and I'm happy that all San Franciscans now enjoy of the same rights I do!

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Rainbow Flags lined Market St. from start to end

A doggie came to join the celebration!
Flags in the air

You could buy anything rainbow!

More pride merchandise

Capturing the scene around

Rainbows everywhere!

People got creative about seating!

Want a beer? he'll deliver one to you!
Sandy Stier and Kris Perry

Creative seating

Hungry? Grab a bacon-wrapped hot dog!

Festive and happy floats!


Needs no caption


Nancy Pelosi

Tabatha from Bravo!

Parade goes celebrate as Sandy Stier and Kris Perry go by

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