Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Look Inside The US Supreme Court

The last few days have been full of suspense and expectations as the Supreme Court of the United States began to make its decisions public regarding a series of very important cases. Because of this, it seemed appropriate for me to put together a post with photos of the Supreme Court that I took during our Washington D.C. trip on May.

My husband has an acquaintance who is currently clerking for a Justice there, so we contacted him and he gave us a "behind the scenes" tour of the greatest court in the United States. Some highlights included the gym/basketball court, the court where big decisions take place, the library (into which regular tours are not allowed!), and meeting the Justice he is clerking for. I didn't necessarily like the Justice, but I thought it was fascinating to be able to go into his office, chat with him, and see how obvious it was that his political and religious views definitely influenced his work in the Court. Of course, I'm not going to name names because that's not what this blog is about.

Here's a peak into the US Supreme Court. Some areas in the court didn't allow cameras, so the ones you see here are the ones I was able to take.

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The outside of the court was under restoration

This is the hallway that leads to the courtroom itself. No cameras beyond this point!

Entrance to the library, where the librarians sit.

The library

Gym class schedule

The courtyard where clerks eat their lunches during nice days!

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