Monday, June 10, 2013

The Doors and Windows of Santo Domingo

I'm finally done sorting through the photos from our Dominican Republic trip. What a great 10 days those were!

Like I've done before, I'll be splitting the photos into several postings to avoid overloading you with too many images. In this post, I've included some of my favorite shots from Santo Domingo, the capital of the DR. In Santo Domingo, I fell in love with doors and windows and their charm and colorfulness. They were really pretty! And, just for fun, I included my personal favorite from the entire trip: a photo of a horse carriage resting in front of what once was Columbus house.

The colonial history of this city is quite rich. They take pride on being the oldest (colonial) city in the Americas and on having lots of firsts in the America (the first Cathedral, first university, etc.). I will include more photos of historical buildings in my future posts.

The city in itself was full of charm and personality, which was made even better by the friendliness of its people. In fact, I think they should also brag about the warmth and kindness of their people, as it is as beautiful and impressive as the big colonial buildings that adorn the entire center of the city.

Enjoy these photos. For more fun photos, go to my Etsy store or visit my website.

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