Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Bicycle Photography

What is it about bicycles that makes them so picturesque? I honestly don't know, but I do know that, if found in the right place, against the right backdrop, bicycles can be absolutely great subjects. Perhaps their beauty lies on their elegance and the wide variety of styles that exist? Again, I don't know, but I surely know I love photographing them!

Enjoy these photos of bicycles I took while traveling in Central Europe. For more fun photos, visit my website or go to my Etsy store.

Munich, Germany, where biked never seem to be locked!

Two bikes in the old Jewish Ghetto in Budapest

Vienna. A bike parked.

Munich, Germany

A bike by a canal in Munich


  1. Lovely photos, Pao! I feel like starting my own version with color pencils. This proofs that your pictures fulfill the requirement of art inspiring art. ¡lindas!

    1. Gracias Tia!!! Si dibujas alguna, mándame una foto para ver!!! Besos!