Sunday, April 6, 2014

Bear Valley Road

A couple of weekend ago, my husband, our son, our dog and I went for a drive up to Bear Valley Road in Colusa County, California. The purpose of the drive was to hopefully catch the fields of flowers that are supposed to make the valley one of the best place in the world for wildflowers.  We left early, hoping our 3-month old would be a good trooper during the 3 hour drive up there.

Unfortunately, we were a bit too early for the flowers so we didn't get to see the rolling hills painted in colors. However, the drive there and the drive through the valley were amazingly beautiful. It was hard to capture the beauty of the landscape, which was only made better by the dramatic skies that followed the rain from the previous day, but I did my best.

We are definitely going back there soon. Hopefully we'll catch the flowers next time. We will be in Peru during the second half of April, which I think is supposed to be the best time for them. We'll see!

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