Sunday, March 17, 2013

Poppies at the Park

Spring arrives early to the West Coast. All around San Francisco, patches of orange are starting to appear, signaling the arrival of the best season of them all. Poppies, the California state flower, definitely add a special touch to the arrival of spring. When I lived in MN, I got excited when I saw the first robins, here I have been getting super excited about poppies.

Last week I took a walk to the park at the top of the hill by where I live. The hill there has begun to turn. In a few weeks, a blanket of orange poppies will be covering it, making spring's arrival totally official. Here are some photos I took during that walk.


  1. The California poppy belongs to my favorite flowers - they are just so happy, and of course they're orange which is my favorite color. Beautiful shots!

    1. Thank you so much!!I really have fallen in love with poppies too!

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