Monday, February 18, 2013

Playing with Light

This past week was all about playing with light.  More and more I’m getting a better understanding of light. I’m also getting better at capturing light in the right ways or in the ways I want to capture it. It’s quite the process, but it only makes me that much happier when I see the final results in my photos.

Because the days are getting longer, our evening walks have taken place around the time the sun was setting, which provides a great (but narrow) window of opportunity to capture the golden light from the sun as it gently touches everything that’s around.

On one specific day, we were walking down a street and saw the sunlight, which was somewhat orange at that time, coming through the pink flowers of the trees that decorated the street. Of course, I stopped and took some photos.


Right as we were leaving, we heard, above our heads, a cat’s meow, and we looked up to find this cute white and golden cat looking down at us from his/her balcony.

Bomber fell in love immediately and was desperately staring at the cat. The cat too was very interested in our dog. I told both of them that their romance was not meant to be. They were like Romeo and Juliette and were supposed to hate each other instead.

While all of this happened, I snapped some photos of the cat, which looked golden under the setting sunlight, and was beautifully framed by the blue wood trimming of the balcony it sat on. If taken out of context, it would be hard to peg this photo as a San Francisco photo, which I really liked!

Over the weekend, as temperatures got very close to reaching 70 degrees, we went for long walks around the city.  We must have covered over 10 miles total between Saturday and Sunday. It was great!

We went to the beach, to the wharf, and to several parks.  The bulk of photos on this post are from Fort Mason’s community garden. This is a lovely spot nestled in the middle of Fort Mason and open to the public.

We arrived to the garden early in the morning (we left the apartment around 8 a.m. that day!) and I was able to capture the light of the sun as it rose and went through the flowers at the garden.  To make things better, the flowers were covered in morning dew, which added a lot of texture to the photos I took of them.

After the garden, we started heading back home, walking up on the very steep Taylor Street. We stopped on Vallejo for a quick moment to soak up some sun. There, I shot the purple flowers I’ve included in this post. Using a quick shutter speed, I was able to capture the light and the way they really looked. I personally love these photos!

On top of the hill, on Vallejo St., we also were teased by a humming bird, who I was only able to capture once during flight.

This is a great time to be in San Francisco if you are into flowers. Everything is blooming. The trees are covered in flowers and blooms. The gardens are turning green and everything is coming to life! I feel so lucky to already be enjoying spring…

In other news, I’m all ready for my show on Friday, I think. I have settled on my final 5 photos to display and, following the show’s organizer advice, I have gone big with my prints. I’ll post pictures of the photos next week and, hopefully, I’ll make some sales at the event—wish me luck and send me good vibes, pleeeease!

I hope you enjoyed this week’s photos. For more fun photos, visit my Etsy store at:


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