Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Year, New Camera

Like I mentioned in my previous post, a couple of weeks ago I bought a new camera. I had been wanting to get a new camera because the ones I have were not allowing me to create the images I wanted. However, I had been holding back because it just didn’t feel quite like the right time to make that investment.

The last two weeks of 2012 pushed me to feel like it was indeed the right time to upgrade my equipment. The reason? Being invited to participate in 2 art shows and knowing that buying the new camera would actually allow me to grow as a photographer and as an artist. This was the perfect sign and the perfect opportunity!

I love my other two cameras. They are compact, take fabulous photos and have been with me on all my travels but this was the time to let a new member join my photographic life. It was time to expand.

Cameras don’t make good photographs, photographers do. But, I do know that this new addition to the family is going to work in my favor and be more “cooperative” than the other ones I currently have!

Since getting the new camera, a DSLR Rebel T3i, I have constantly been seeking opportunities to use it and to experiment with it. So much to learn and, as they say, practice makes perfect, so I’ve been going out to take photos every time I’ve had the chance!

The main difference (and improvement) has been the capability to take better night photos, which was a challenge until now.  As I get a better understanding of how light works, my night photos are becoming more and more rewarding to take.

Close-ups are also much better now as I’m able to focus exactly on what I want (and not on what the camera thinks I want!), AND, because I also bought a bigger lens, I’m able to better capture far away objects  and to get cozier with anything from flowers to buildings.

I was sick last weekend—bummer—so I didn’t get to go out and snap lots of photos, as I had planned. Instead, I stayed home and used my puppy Bomber as my muse! Even though he is quite the looker, it wasn’t the same as having the outside world as my playground.

This weekend I plan on going out to explore a different part of the city and to photograph it. This is always a good way for me to get better acquainted with new neighborhoods as I make frequent stops to make sure I’m not missing anything.

Well, this is just a quick preview of what I’ve captured so far. Nothing too fancy, just scenes and takes from my immediate surroundings, the ones I see everyday but that I’m happy to say, I still find beautiful and inspiring!

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