Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Sun Sets on the Fog, not the Ocean

These are some photos from this past weekend. There is not a big story to tell this time, just some good photos for you to see.

The photos of the sunset and the colorful sky are from Friday, when we set out to go for a walk to the park on top of Russian Hill. There is an awesome park there, where we’ve been very successfully playing fetch with Bomber.

On our way to the park, the sky looked incredible! In fact, as you can see in the photos, as we were walking to the park, we crossed a street, looked up, and saw what looked like a ball of fire going across the sky. Simply beautiful!

Because we knew that we could potentially catch the sunset from the park on Russian Hill, we rushed there. When we reached the park, as it happens often in the city, the fog was sitting low on the ocean, so we knew we were not going to get the stereotypical sunset where you can actually see the sun setting on the ocean.

Even though we didn’t see the sun set on the ocean, we saw the sky turn many different colors: pink, orange, yellow, etc., making for a wonderful spectacle.  We sat there, and watched the colors change until the sky turned back to a solid color, the sun was gone, and the early night hours had arrived.

As if the natural scenery and light show were not enough, the Golden Gate Bridge laid in the distance, faintly lit by the setting sun.

On Saturday we met some good friends and headed to the Eat Real food festival in Oakland. I had never been to this festival. In fact, I had never been to this part of Oakland! And I’m happy to say that I loved it all!

The festival was taking place at Jack London Square in Downtown Oakland. We really loved the gorgeous waterfront, and we especially loved the food we ate there. With over 50 food trucks, it was hard to decide which food to eat first, or second!. So many choices, so little stomach room!

After several hours of eating, and by the time we left the festival, we had tried the following: Peruvian anticuchos, Filipino tacos, Shawarma, churros, home made ice cream, and a few kinds of locally brewed beers! Our first time at the festival had been a huge success!

On Sunday we had to work from home, but we still managed to head out for a walk. Nothing too fancy, just a walk around the neighborhood, with our dog, to get some exercise.

Over the past week, another thing that has been in my mind are the memories of the Camino de Santiago. We started the Camino about a year ago, on September 20 last year, and walked it for about 10 days.

Inspired by memories of a great time in our lives, I started going through the photos I took during the Camino, trying to find one good photo from each of the days we walked. I wanted to create a visual image of the 300 kilometers we had walked across Northern Spain last year. But, while working on it, I got distracted and, instead, I selected some photos that caught my attention, photos that I just liked.

As I was editing some the photos, I tried hard to remember each and every town we walked by. Sometimes our memories can betray us, so it’s important to keep memories fresh in our minds, especially when those memories take us back to a place where the only worry in the world was to get to the next town, and to keep walking the next day.

The Camino makes me think a bit about life in general. Each town is like a different place and moment in life. Each day you meet new people, see new things. Like life, the Camino was full of surprises and unexpected obstacles. At the end of the day, however, despite the difficulties, the journey was totally worth it and I would do it again any day!

I hope you enjoy this week’s photos. I have also included some of the photos I choose from the Camino in this blog. For more fun photos, check my Etsy store at:

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  1. Stunning post, Pao! Keep them coming amiga!